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Real Life Stories

The following story is of a Kabalarian student who has graciously volunteered to share his experience.

Daorcey Le Bray

Student Born into the Kabalarian Philosophy
Occupation: Public Relations Consultant
Student Centre: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Story: Written by Daorcey

Growing up in the Kabalarian Philosophy is a great opportunity for many reasons. For one, I consider myself lucky that my life has not been filled with bitter experiences because of a trial-and-error approach to my education, my career, or my hobbies. By understanding the natural expression of my inner potential (i.e., what I’m good at and what gives me personal satisfaction), my parents were able to make suggestions about the direction my life could take. Knowing that information myself, I was able to focus my education and my career path to obtain at an early age my dream job—the career that excites me every day with new challenges and opportunities.

In retrospect, it’s as simple as knowing what you’re born to do and then doing that. Speaking from experience, it’s immensely satisfying to live your potential and use it to give back to the world.