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Frequently Asked Questions

1. In your brief analysis of my potential/birthpath, I do not recognize many of the qualities. Why is this?

Your potential (or birthpath) was created the day you were born--something you cannot change or control. Your name creates your personality. If your name is not in harmony with your birthpath, you may not see many qualities of your potential. But, if you have a Balanced Name that naturally complements the qualities of your birthpath, you will see more of those qualities. The positive expression of your potential or birthpath is directly related to your happiness, accomplishment, and success.

2. What is the relationship between my potential/birthpath and my name?

There is a saying in the Kabalarian Philosophy: The birthpath inclines, while the name compels. This means that while your potential/birthpath may identify the best path for your success and happiness, it is your name that causes you to act and think the way you do. Ideally, your birthpath and name must be in harmony to create a positive life.

3. Can I change my potential/birthpath to fit my personality?

Your potential becomes part of you at the moment you are born. It cannot be changed. Balance is created in your life when your mind/personality (created by your name) is in harmony with your potential. Fortunately, we can all change our names to help us develop personalities that fit our potential.

4. My potential/birthpath includes some negative qualities. How can I fix that?

Everyone’s potential is dual and has positive and negative qualities that are a natural part of the birthpath. These cannot be changed. But, the degree of balance between your name/mind and your potential affects how much of these positive and negative qualities express. A more balanced name means that more of your positive qualities will express, while an unbalanced name will cause frustration and tension that will encourage the expression of the negative qualities of your name and birthpath.

5. What is the best potential/birthpath?

All birthpaths are equal. Each birthpath has its own unique positive and negative qualities that can be expressed.

6. My potential/birthpath suggests I have a natural aptitude for a certain career. What does that mean?

Your birthpath indicates the career in which you would find the most success, accomplishment, and satisfaction. Often our names have qualities that are different from our birthpaths and so we are drawn into other career paths. By knowing more about your birthpath, you can see clearly the type of work that will make you happy.

7. What happens when I achieve my potential?

Living your potential is a process—not a goal. It is something you do daily to experience personal satisfaction, happiness and success. When you are achieving your potential, you are expressing that which is most natural to you: like an apple tree producing apples. It is beautiful and wonderful. And so, living your potential is a wonderful and fulfilling way to live you life.

8. What do I have to do to live my potential?

The first step in living your individual potential is to create balance between your name and your potential/birthpath. By changing your name to a Balanced Name, you will naturally express and live your potential. Yet, it is important to remember that living your potential is a lifelong process and a wonderful achievement.

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