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What is the Kabalarian Philosophy?

The Kabalarian Philosophy embodies the knowledge of universal principles that act as a guide for its students on issues from the mundane to the philosophical including achieving and maintaining good health, lasting happiness in home life and relationships, and true success both materially and spiritually.

The Kabalarian Philosophy discloses principles that apply to health, constructive thinking, harmonious living, healthy diet, and stress reduction.

Its teachings, rooted in the concept that the two basics of life—mathematics and language—are the means by which everyone can understand their true purposes in life, and their relationships to the broader reason of life. The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches its students the key governing time so they may discern the workings of the law of growth through cycles and follow this natural pattern to ensure success in all endeavors.

Maintaining certain Western and Eastern philosophical concepts, there is the understanding within the philosophy that study and application will assist in elevating one’s mind towards achieving a union with higher levels of universal thought leading to the fulfilment of one’s purpose in life. The philosophy advances concepts of respect of people of all cultures and creeds, of clean living, and of charitable works.

Its value is in the practical guidelines it provides its students directed towards the fulfilment of worthwhile purposes in life through an understanding of mind, its origin, and its creative powers.