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Frequently Asked Questions - About Us

The Kabalarian Philosophy contains a complete philosophy of life in its entirety. This philosophy leaves nothing to chance and proves all things. Seek and prove it to yourself.

1. Why should I study the Kabalarian Philosophy?

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches basic principles of right living that apply to everyone regardless of culture or creed. As you apply these principles, you establish greater control of your life by creating greater harmony in your thinking, optimum vitality in your health, and even more success in your business and home life.

2. What are the differences between the Kabalarian Philosophy and religion?

Fundamentally, all religions have three objectives: to teach a theory of life to explain the various facets of life, to provide a code of conduct, and to unite the efforts of their adherents to fulfil their interpretation of the plan of life.

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches a theory of life that provides a true understanding of mind. Fulfilling the plan of life is incomplete without recognizing the role of mind and its creative power. The Kabalarian Philosophy also teaches a code of conduct for positive living that is the goal of all Kabalarian students.

The Kabalarian Philosophy is not based on faith but upon the application of basic principles that lead to physical and mental well-being, harmony in relationships, and greater success in every way. It teaches that every person has a unique spiritual purpose to fulfil in life.

3. Is the Kabalarian Philosophy compatible with my religion?

If you are seeking a greater understanding of mind, the Kabalarian Philosophy is compatible with any religion. Many religions do not teach an understanding of mind—how it is created through the name, and the impact of name on the happiness and success we reach in life. Through study, you will also learn how to measure your inner potential or purpose in life and know where you fit in as an important part of life’s expression.

4. Does the Kabalarian Philosophy teach anything about God?

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches that God is a Principle of Life. The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches that since physical life unfolds through natural laws, such as gravity, which are consistent and universally applicable, one can consider the possibility that mental life follows definite laws as well. The Kabalarian Philosophy contains the wisdom of the mental and spiritual laws. God the Principle includes all physical, mental, and spiritual laws.

Life expresses an evolving pattern of intelligence as observed in nature. Mind, potentially the highest expression of this intelligence, can create balance and harmony and reflect equilibrium into life through universal understanding or wisdom.

5. What is the goal of the Kabalarian Philosophy?

The Kabalarian Philosophy is dedicated to share with all humanity the understanding of the natural laws of life which, if constructively applied, can create and maintain a harmonious balance between the physical body, the mind, and the universal spiritual life force within, which is a part of all forms of existence.

It teaches the relationship of Universal Reason to life, how the power of Reason becomes involved in life, and how human individuality is created through the relationship of mathematics, date of birth, language, name, and mind. Such understanding gives all people the knowledge and opportunity to create and control their own destiny, to establish good health, a constructive free mind and happiness, and to have the privilege of developing their spiritual potential to achieve individual conscious fulfilment.

Our philosophy is universal; our essence, love is understanding, and our objective, happiness and mental freedom for all.

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