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Kabalistic Wisdom

To Live is to Give
Alfred J. Parker
Founder 1897 - 1964

The Kabalarian Philosophy contains the knowledge of the basic Spiritual Principle behind all religions and secret doctrines. It teaches how the divine forces operate through human mind to create intelligence and destiny. It discloses the Spiritual Key to scientific and spiritual progress, and it is the only means through which mental balance may be attained. The Kabalarian Philosophy reveals the Cyclic Law, through which human destiny may be measured and planned.

Through the channel of intelligence man must seek to understand the mystery of his own mind, for therein lie the secrets of life. In understanding a basic spiritual principle, man can measure and understand human mind and bring the philosophy of life down to a practical, understandable reality, combining the exact science of matter, mind, and consciousness, into a universal principle where both scientific and religious concepts are combined in just equilibrium.