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Study life from a Philosophical Perspective

The study of the Kabalarian Philosophy begins with concepts that are simple, yet profound. Life Analysis Training teaches the power of your name and date of birth and how they affect every aspect of your life. Imagine what it would be like truly to understand yourself and others: your family, friends, and business associates. Better still, imagine how you can create greater compatibility, personal harmony and success in your own life.

Life Analysis Training

Life Analysis Training teaches the basic concepts of the Kabalarian Philosophy. From this introductory course, you will learn about what makes you the person you are and, more importantly, it will give you the steps to enhance your life.

What you will learn

  • how mind is created and measured
  • how names influence your thinking, personality, desires, and experiences
  • how to make your life more successful and fulfilled
  • how to understand and develop your inner potential
  • why people think the way they do
  • how to communicate with your friends and associates
  • how health weaknesses can be determined
  • which vocations are most suited to your natural abilities
  • how every aspect of your life can be understood, strengthened, and improved
  • how to handle stress

Life Analysis Training is taught in class format in our established centres and available as a correspondence study. Registration in Life Analysis Training also makes you a Level Two Student of the Kabalarian Philosophy.

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