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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does my name affect who I am?

Your name is your most personal feature. It creates your mind: who you are—your personality. By creating mind, name is responsible for thoughts, desires, actions, expression, health weaknesses, natural strengths, compatibility with others, and other parts of our lives. The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches in greater detail how name, as a form of language, plays an important role in creating who we are.

2. What would happen to me if I changed my name?

If you legally change your name and ask all your friends and family to call you by the new name, you and others will see significant changes in your personality. All those qualities of mind that are created by the name—from what you desire to how you express with others—will change as you change your name.

3. What is a Balanced Name?

Each name includes positive and negative qualities. A balanced name creates harmony in mind. It allows for the expression of the positive qualities of each person's potential, determined from the birth date. It allows for the expression of all the positive qualities within the name free of tension and frustration. Unfortunately, since many people are given names that take them away from expressing their natural purpose, they experence unhappiness, anxiety, and feelings of conflict and frustration.

We encourage you to learn more about the power of your name by getting a Name Report. We will be happy to help you find a balanced name.

4. Did the Kabalarian Philosophy make up the relationship between name and personality?

No. The relationship between name and personality—or language and mind—is constant. The knowledge of this relationship has been distorted, lost, and hidden from the world over time. The founder of the Kabalarian Philosophy, Alfred J. Parker, discovered this knowledge and understood the importance of sharing it with the world for the betterment of humanity.

5. Is there such a thing as a perfect name?

There can be no perfect name, but with the knowledge of language and mathematics, we can give ourselves Balanced Names that help open the door to a positive life filled with success. A balanced name helps to achieve mental freedom and spiritual growth by fulfilling our natural purpose.

6. What about people who use two names or who have nicknames?

A mind is affected by the first and last names creating thoughts and personalities. Using another name, such as a nickname, adds further qualities to the personality and potential confusion in mind. It can create discord that may express through negative qualities or health weaknesses.

7. How is my name related to my personal or spiritual development?

Your name creates your mind: who you are, how you react, what you desire, etc. A balanced name creates a balanced mind that expresses more naturally and constructively. This balance helps a person to develop the positive personal and spiritual qualities of the potential within. By adopting a Balanced Name, you open the door to positive growth in your life. Without a Balanced Name, growth can be a difficult, up-hill battle.

8. Can my name predict my future?

While your name cannot predict the exact experiences of your life, it accurately describes your way of thinking, your type of expression, and even your health strengths and weaknesses. It can be a strong indicator of the types of people and experiences you consistently attract into your life. Your name is not a crystal ball, but, if understood, it can help you to see a full picture of your life now and in the future by understanding your mind.

9. Can I improve my life without changing my name?

Changing your name will make improvements to your life natural and easy. People who have changed their names talk about how improvements to their lives came their way with seemingly little effort. Real Life Stories. This is not to say that improvement is impossible without a change of name, but it can be likened to an up-hill struggle. By keeping your current name, possibly with many negative qualities that frustrate your progress, improving your life will be a difficult challenge with many lapses back to the negative qualities you are striving to overcome. This is why we always recommend that people searching for personal growth and improvement change their name to help them achieve and maintain that growth.

To help you understand the qualities of your name better, please get your Kabalarian Philosophy Name Report. With that tool, we will be able to help you choose the Balanced Name that’s right for you.

10. As a parent, how important is it that I give my children Balanced Names?

It is vitally important that parents give their children balanced names to give them all the opportunities they can get to have a positive childhood filled with growth to make them a happy and successful adult. Growing up is seldom easy, but a balanced name that attracts positive experiences and allows for the natural expression of potential ensures that your child has the best childhood possible.

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