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Vancouver, BC

The main centre of programing and administration for the Kabalarian Philosophy and the Society of Kabalarians of Canada is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada--gateway to the Pacific.

Office Staff:
Lorenda Bardell - Office Manager
Dhorea Delain - Senior Consultant
Garett Hennigan - Information Technology Manager
Lorea Ramsey - Front Desk / Name Report and Online Studies Support Desk
Taylore Maxwell - Kalex Naming Solutions & Business Development

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The Kabalarian office is located at
1160 West 10th Avenue in Vancouver.

Key Emails: - for questions about orders, consulting interviews, and billing issues - for general questions about the Kabalarian Philosophy - to report problems with the web site, broken links

Mailing address:
Society of Kabalarians of Canada
1160 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6H 1J1

866-489-1188 (toll-free in North America)
604-263-9551 (International)