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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What causes sickness?

It is unnatural to be sick. Your quality of thinking, your diet, and your physical fitness all contribute to your health. Sickness is caused by tension in your thinking (related to an unbalanced name), a poor diet, a lack of exercise, and improper deep breathing.

2. The health online analysis said I might suffer a specific health problem. Am I destined to suffer that problem?

The full analysis of your name and potential/birthpath will show areas of physical weakness. If you have tension in your life, these weaknesses will develop. In other words, if you are feeling stressed or emotional, or have a poor diet, you will begin to experience the health weaknesses identified in your personal qualities.

3. Does the Kabalarian Philosophy offer any cures for diseases?

The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches that good health is natural and within our personal control. It can be achieved through a balanced name requiring effort in the form of right thinking, right eating, and right breathing.

4. Will the Kabalarian Cleansing Diet make me healthy?

The path to good health is through a good diet. The Kabalarian Cleansing Diet is designed to bring your physical body into a state of balance and it will improve your health. But, it is important to remember that balanced thinking plays a significant role in health and to give yourself complete, long-term good health, you will need to address the balance of your name/mind.

For more information about the Kabalarian Cleansing Diet, click here.

5. Are all Kabalarians healthy?

Good health requires conscious effort from the individual and each person is on his or her own path toward creating a healthy life. The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches the principles of healthy living and it is up to each of us to apply those principles in our lives.

6. To what extent does my thinking affect my health?

To a very great extent. Right Thinking is one-third of the pathway to good health (along with Right Breathing and Right Eating). It is said in the Kabalarian Philosophy that happy thoughts are healthy thoughts. Positive thougths can improve the quality of your health while negative thoughts can do exactly the opposite.

7. If “right thinking” is such an important part to good health, is it possible to think myself to good health?

Right Thinking is only one-third of the pathway to good health along with Right Breathing and Right Eating. Through balance in mind and thinking, people do improve their health. But one must not forget that good health is still dependant upon diet and the quality of lifestyle. If these are neglected, one can not create and sustain good health.

8. Is it possible to just eat a diet that improves my health?

Yes. What you eat is vitally important to your health for either good or bad. If you follow a good diet such at that recommended by in the Kabalarian Cleansing Diet, you will improve your health. But, it is important to remember that Right Eating is only part of a healthy lifestyle. You must also incorporate Right Thinking and Right Breathing, as taught by the Kabalarian Philosophy in Healthy Living, to fully realize and maintain excellent health.

9. How is breathing relative to good health?

You may have already noticed the calming affect of deep breathing. This is why breathing features so prominently in many exercise, relaxation and meditation techniques. The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches that the breath is key to our existance and our good health (physical, mental and spiritual). A program of deep breathing is also important to individual growth. The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches special breathing exercises in the Healthy Living philosophy study program.

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